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The Vault is a platform for us to share our passion for antiques and design. Together we source beautiful, unique and affordable furniture, objects & art.

We seek no limits as to what we find, whether vintage current or antique it’s about the integrity of the piece.

Phoebe Nicol

Phoebe has been surrounded by artful interiors all her life, she has acquired a love of the eclectic and unusual. Phoebe developed a passion for antiques having worked six years for Geoff Clark, the genius behind The Country Trader. Phoebe is a Sydney-based Interior Architect, specialising in the design of high-end residences and boutique commercial spaces.


Jeremy Bowker

Jeremy was introduced to the world of fine arts by Australia's foremost Antiques dealer Martyn Cook and for four years under his tutelage he learnt from Georgian to Edwardian, from Louis XIV to Louis Philippe. It is through these formative years Jeremy gained invaluable experience and an understanding of fine English, French and Colonial Antiques. 

"It was really a dream of ours to open this business and we are overwhelmed by the continued support from the industry. We think that every home needs a little spice and hope that our pieces help to build unique and inspiring spaces."

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