About Us

The Vault is a platform for us to share our passion for antiques and design. Together we source beautiful, unique and affordable furniture, objects & art.

We seek no limits as to what we find, whether vintage current or antique it’s about the integrity of the piece.


“Having been surrounded by artful interiors all my life, I have acquired a love of the eclectic and unusual. I developed a passion for antiques having worked six years for Geoff Clark, the genius behind The Country Trader. I studied design at Enmore and have since graduated with Honors at UNSW completing a Bachelor of Interior Architecture" Phoebe Nicol
Phoebe operates her our design practice, which can be viewed here: https://www.phoebenicol.com/

“I was introduced to the world of fine arts by Australia's foremost Antiques dealer Martyn Cook and for four years under his tutelage I learnt from Georgian to Edwardian, from Louis XIV to Louis Philippe. It is through these formative years I gained invaluable experience and an understanding of fine English, French and Colonial Antiques” Jeremy Bowker

It was really a dream of ours to open this business and we are overwhelmed by the continued support from the industry. We think that every home needs a little spice and hope that our pieces help to build unique and inspiring spaces.