Care Instructions

Moving & Handling


When planning to move an item, with due care and planning it won’t be an issue. 

Firstly if at all possible remove and transport any items which are not attached individually, a marble top falling off when moving a commode is far from ideal. Ensure you have a clear path and carry the item with at least one hand underneath the piece. Should an item be too cumbersome then you can also contact a professional such as Mr Hugo Removals.

Some basic rules of note are:

Do not open a drawer using only one of two handles or drag furniture rather than lifting it.
Do not lift a table from the top surface but from the lowest part of the main frame. 
Carry chairs from the underside if at possible, this will avoid weakening the armjoints.
Always carry marble on its edge.

Handling & Installation:

All light fixtures should be installed by a professional electrician.

Mirrors and Artworks unless small should be hung by a professional hanger, a professional hanger will give you piece of mind that your item is secure, and you won’t end up with swiss cheese for a wall.

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